Polo – Adopted August 2017

Congratulations Polo!!!

This guy. So much to say and so little space. Polo came into care after having been thrown into a fire by some children. Following this event he spent a couple of months receiving treatment and recovering with Save A Dog Network Canada in Winnipeg before it was time to head West.

After arriving it was clear that Polo, despite the trauma he endured, was a resilient guy destined for great things. Polo stole the hearts of everyone he met with his soulful eyes and gentle spirit. He is just one of those dogs that you can’t help but smile at when they look at you. Polo was searching for an active, experienced home that would understand his possible limitations due to his past. He found that in Nikki. Nikki met Polo inadvertently when she was assigned to care for him during his neuter procedure at Alouette Animal Hospital. She thought he was the sweetest dog and couldn’t stop thinking about him over the coming weeks.. she, along with partner Dave, decided to come see him again at our July 29th event and that sealed the deal. They put in an application and crossed their fingers. The rest is history.

Polo will be spending his life on acreage where he can continue to do his sprints and zoomies and bask in the sun (with sunscreen). He is also allowed to accompany Nikki to work on the days that he chooses. Polo’s weekends will be spent hiking, swimming in lakes, and travelling to the variety of islands, mountains and secret spots beautiful BC has to offer.

We look forward to the many updates and pictures as Polo continues to enjoy his new life on the West Coast. Thank you Dave and Nikki for giving Polo his new leash on life ❤️

Polo had a village behind him, and we wish to thank everyone on his behalf for the part they played in his recovery and happy ending💙 The fosters that opened their homes to him, the companies that reached out offering supplies and support and the many donors that were touched by Polos story.
And of course the good people at Save A Dog Network Canada, Tuxedo Animal Hospital,Alouette Animal Hospital, Petsecure Pet Health Insurance, PetFundr, LEASH Loft & Spa, Daily Hive Vancouver.

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