Hazel – Adopted December 2014

Congratulations Hazel!!!!! (pictured in Robert’s arms – top) Nancy and her family fell in love with Hazel’s pictures and eagerly awaited her to be ready for a meet and greet after unfortunately breaking her paw! After meeting her they knew that she was a good fit for their family, even LEASH Alumni Etta (pictured on the bottom) approved After a long journey from Malaysia, Hazel is finally “home”. She will spend most of her time playing and romping around with new fur-sister Etta, not to mention countless cuddle sessions with her new family … that’s if this puppy can sit still for long enough! Thank you once again to Nancy, Robert, Jordan, Ewen and of course Etta for opting to adopt a second time and

Penelope – Adopted December 2014

Congratulations Penelope!!!!!!! Our little Penelope girl has an new home, family and name! Her new family has decided to change her name to Ana, because she came from Santa Ana, California Ana will have lots of time to continue to build up her confidence in her new home with Mom, Darcy (pictured on the right) and “big brother” Brady (pictured on the left). Darcy has said that she is already starting to come out of her shell and grow increasingly more comfortable each and every day! As first time dog owners, Darcy and Brady are very committed to ensuring that Ana gets everything that she needs, including lots of walks and socializing with other neighborhood pups in Surrey! Ana even has a new fur-sibling, Ginger

Santa Paws pictures!

Thank you to everyone who came out to see Santa on Saturday, December 6th at Pet Planet in Pitt Meadows. We had a great time! Here on the website you can get copies of your full high-resolution photos.¬†Everyone has at least one photo with and without snow; some people have more than one (in cases where we couldn’t decide which was a better photo). Please note that clicking on any one image in that gallery will begin loading an extremely large file, so it may take a few minutes to fully load. Then you can either right-click save-as, or use the “download original image” button at the bottom of the image on your screen, to get your copy. If you’re looking for a PREVIEW album

Arnie – Adopted December 2014

Congratulations Arnie!!!!!! When previous LEASH adopters, Carly and Trevor came by one of our “Meet our Mutts” events and met Arnie they were in love! After a formal meet & greet and to see how LEASH alumni Panda got along with Arnie it was decided that he would officially become a part of their family! With many parks and walking trails in his new neighborhood, Arnie will get lots of exercise and stimulation … not to mention playtime with his new fur-sister Panda Thank you Carly & Trevor for not only opting to adopt twice, but for also giving Arnie his New Leash on Life!

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