Tiara – Adopted January 2018

Congratulations Tiara! This little lady came into care with Trella, these kids had a bit of an unstable past and were looking for a new beginning! Trella went on to find her forever home 2wks ago and a week later it was Tiara’s turn. After 3 months in care this little girl found her forever with Kaera! Safe to say she will be the centre of attention with 3 adults in the hom…e to spoil her. Even better with opposite shifts Tiara will rarely be on her own and will always have someone to snuggle with. Coupled with a Mom that works close to home, dog parks within walking distance and frequent strolls around Crescent Beach it’s safe to say Tiara hit the jackpot!. We

Trella – Adopted January 2018

Congratulations Trella!! This little girl did nothing but flourish while in foster! While she was shy and unsure at first she is now a sweet, affectionate, eager to meet you little lady! Trella being the affectionate girl she is needed to find a home where she could be the centre of attention, and she found that with Nathan and Lindsay. … Trella will be exploring all the cool trails and parks that Poco has to offer! And when she’s not busy checking out her new city she will be working on her manners with Coastal Canine Training Services It’s safe to say that Trella’s second chapter is full of new and exciting things!. We look forward to updates and pictures as she continues to settle

Sake – Adopted January 2018

Congratulations Sake ❤️ From the moment this sweet loving little man arrived from Save A Dog Network Canada, he was simply irresistible. Everyone that met him fell in love with his soulful eyes and vocal nature!. Lucky for Sake he’s landed himself an amazing home in Vancouver! This little man has lots of stuff lined up for him as he starts his new life in the downtown core…! Sake’s new mom works nice and close to home, so lunch time will be full of play and snuggles for him and his new older sister!. Sake will be brushing up on his already amazing manners and skills with Dizine Canine – Dog Training & Behaviour We look forward to updates and pictures as Sake continues to