Dallas – Adopted October 2016

THANKSGIVING ADOPTION – Blanche, formerly Dallas Buckle up dog lovers – here is a story leaving all of our hearts full and thankful. Many months ago when LEASH first partnered with Soi Dog Foundation, a one eyed beauty caught the attention of many. Featured in articles throughout the Lower Mainland, the permanently winking Dallas, affectionately nicknamed Loaf for her curvy figure was waddling down sidewalks and catching smiles and winks from onlookers everywhere. This little lady is not high maintenance. Food and love are her main priorities, to which we all understand with no judgement. Now on Thanksgiving Day she is going to start the rest of her life receiving both of those needs from her Dad’s who want to give her just that. Rob

Hugo – Adopted September 2016

Congratulations Hugo!!!! Our handsome Hugo has found the home of his dreams with a wonderful couple in Vancouver! … Not only does Hugo have a new home and family but he also has a new name “Gyoza”, since he’s now Jennifer and Jason’s “little dumpling” <3 Gyoza will get no shortage of attention and care in his new home, not to mention daily pets and socialization at Jennifer’s work where he will get to accompany her each day. Living in Raincouver may have it’s occasional weather cons it also definitely has it’s perks, and with lots of places to walk and explore we have no doubt that soon Gyoza will know his new neighborhood inside and out! Thank you Jennifer and Jason for opting to

Donkey – Adopted September 2016

Congratulations to Donkey (aka. Donkatron) This little gem caught the eye of many but was clearly destined for one family – Alison, Shauna and resident dog Cleo. Here’s a recent update from Alison & crew on how he’s settling in so far:  … “We adore Donkey, from the first moment we met him we knew we belonged to him. He has adjusted beautifully to our family, he and our resident dog Cleo were best buddies from night one and have continued to be inseparable. They run together and play constantly, they refuse to use their own food bowls and prefer instead to share. Same with bones and toys and sleeping beds. It’s embarrassingly cute. We are currently enrolled with Wenly’s Dog Training and are working