Sophia & Dorothy – Adopted December 2015

Congratulations Sophia (bottom) & Dorothy (top)!!!!! Our little Mama and Pup bonded duo has found their forever family and were even able to spend the holidays with them (we were just a little late on the post)! We can imagine that Santa Paws spoiled them both! Both girls really enjoy their cuddle time and with someone home usually all of the time they will get lots of that! In their new home they are also close to a few great parks which they will frequent often. We have no doubt that Sophia and Dorothy will get nothing but the best in their new home and we wish them a very bright and happy 2016 as a new family! Thank you Aaron (right) and Sharon (left)

Louise – Adopted December 2015

Congratulations Louise ❤ Louise was with us for months and despite meets and many applications we just couldn’t find a match that suited her and her needs. We knew how much her fosters adored her and that was confirmed over the Christmas season when they made the decision to adopt. Lou met lots of their family and friends at holiday get togethers and it became crystal clear that she was already home. Not only have Laura and John provided Louise with her forever home, but they have also said they would like to continue to foster in the future as Lou loves the company of other dogs so much. Win, win in our eyes!! We look forward to updates and pictures and thank you Laura

Halo – Adopted December 2015 **300th Adoption**

Congratulations Halo❤ Halo is our 300th Adoption!!! 300 lives saved and families changed! Thank you for the ongoing support as we celebrate this little accomplishment!!!!! This sweet petite little black girl wasn’t sure what life had in store for her.. Everything she knew changed the day she was rescued. This loving little girl stole many hearts but none more than that of her now family. This sweet mom and daughter duo knew that Halo was meant to be theirs after their initial meet. They just adored her from the get go. Halo will never want for anything again. This outdoorsy family has plans to make sure that Halo gets to experience Beautiful BC at its best from Mountain hikes to Ocean swims! We are so

Ginger – Adopted December 2015

Congratulations Ginger❤ Ginger stole a ton of hearts and broke just as many! This sweet shepherd girl had so much interest but only one family could be chosen. Ginger really did meet her perfect match in Duncan and Cheney. Ginger requires a solid foundation of training and Duncan and Cheney are up for the work! Ginger has bonded so quickly to her new family that you would think she was there the entire time. She even loves the cats!! Ginger is going to continue to flourish in the care of the ‘Creamer’ family with lots of exploring and adventures, ongoing training, and good old fashioned family time. We look forward to updates and pictures of Ginger in the future. Thank you so much Cheney and