Elsa – Adopted June 2016

Congratulations Elsa!! This itty bitty black beauty went out and found herself the best family ever! Elsa is as sweet as they come with her cute little nub tail and floppy ears! And it was those quirks that helped win over her forever family along with many others! … Elsa’s summer will look sort of like this, nature walks, camping, backyard play, dog park dates , beach days, training and snuggles with the fam! This is exactly what this pint sized pooch needed… Lots of activity and lots of love! We can’t wait to see what her winter will consist of!! Snow Shoeing anyone? We look forward to pictures and updates as Elsa continues to settle in! Thank you Pamela, Reil and of course Luca

Tisha Brown – Adopted May 2016

Congratulations Tisha Brown❤️ This beautiful girl flew in from the NWT and snagged a few hearts on her way! Her loving personality made her a match for many but it’s her adventurous side that limited her to a select few and finally one amazing couple that was up for the challenge!… Not only will Tisha be kept busy with hiking, camping, park dates, evenings spent on the roof top patio and movie nights but she also starts basic obedience with Wenlys pet care Inc. where she will work on her foundation. We are so happy for this lovely girl and everything life has in store for her. Thank you Samantha and Aaron for giving Tisha Brown (now Maggie) her new leash on life.

Dragon – Adopted May 2016

Congratulations Dragon!! This beautiful boy finally landed himself exactly what he needed! An active couple ready to make him the baby!! Dragon is one of the sweetest boys we have ever had in care, he had some quirks – like counter surfing- which made him a bit of a handful but overall this guy was a big squishy teddy bear!… Dragon gets to stay in the Vancouver area as this is where his new family lives, and may even get to see his foster’s in the future! He has started training with Dogsmart Training Systems – Vancouver and we know he’s well on his way to becoming the littlest hobo we all knew he could be (everyone commented on their similarities). We have no doubt

Chase – Adopted May 2016

Congratulations Chase!!! Chase is one of those dogs that came in to care and reminded us all again why we do this.. Despite a shifty past he was ready to trust us right from the get go. He just wanted to show his belly and be loved, almost showing appreciation knowing that his life was changing forever and forever it has … Chase became a bit of a local celebrity when CTV news showed up at one of our Meet Our Mutts Event. He stole the show with his good looks and charisma. He received so many great applications that it was hard to narrow it down to one family but we finally did and it’s been nothing short of perfect! Chase has an infinity