Marco – Adopted July 2016

Congratulations Marco!!!! Marco came to LEASH when CARE Centre in Chilliwack contacted us to help find this guy a home. Yolanda saw his sweet little face and agreed to step up to foster him. After having fostered a few dogs previously she knew almost immediately that Marco belonged with her permanently … and we agreed! … Now that Marco has had some time to settle into his new life he will be enrolled in some training to help him overcome some of his fear issues with new people in his home. We know that with consistency and commitment he will absolutely thrive with Yolanda and become the best Marco that he can be! With a beautiful backyard of his very own to lounge around in

Billy Bob – Adopted June 2016

Congratulations to Billy Bob! We patiently waited for the right fit to come along for this special dude. He had a rough start to life and with the help of our amazing foster, he has come leaps and bounds!… Billy has basically learned how to “dog” again: the feeling of grass between his toes, how to enjoy a good cuddle and how to get along with other dogs. He’s a new man! Then came Cindy and Robert who were looking to add a new member to their family. With a yard of his own, two cats to keep him company and someone who is home most of the day – Billy has won the lottery with these two! His days will be spent with Cindy

Woodpecker – Adopted June 2016

Woody is a Soi Dog Foundation survivor of the dog meat trade.… Thanks to his wonderful foster, Woody has come a long way! He loves his people, exploring his neighborhood and a good couch cuddle … I mean who doesn’t?! Little did we know, the media coverage of the Soi Dogs coming into the Vancouver Airport would be the first time Woody’s adopter Lori would set eyes on him – it was truly love at first sight! Woody gets to enjoy a ¼ acre backyard and a cabin in Vernon – even a boat ride or two! His loving family plans to continue to work on his training and the days he isn’t with them, he will get to continue at his current doggy daycare,

Satiya – Adopted June 2016

We are absolutely overjoyed that our first Soi Dog Foundation Dog has found her Happily Ever After! … Satiya managed to find the perfect home for herself, not only is she living on a 40 acre estate but she gets to accompany her new Mom to work every day at Grown Here Farms. (Perk of working near home )! Ashlee has said that she has made friends with all of the animals on the farm …. besides the alpacas – she’s still not too sure what to make of them. Not only will Satiya get a ton of one of one attention from Ashlee but there is also an animal trainer that lives on the property who has agreed to help with Satiya’s ongoing training.