Harriette – Adopted December 2016

Congratulations Harriette❤ This sweet little go-getter with her stubborn ways landed herself the perfect home! Harriette made many people weak in the knees but it was Katie that made Harriette swoon! So much so she whined at the door after their initial meet when Katie left. Flash forward to December 27th, these 2 made it official with the paper-signing and have been inse…parable ever since. Harriette will have no shortage of socialization and fun. With Katie working at the UBC Animal Welfare Dept, Harriette is more than welcome to tag along! Their days off will be spent hiking, exploring and having play dates with LEASH Alumni ‘Benjamin’ (Formerly Pop) as they just so happen to now be family. And to ensure Harriette grows up to

Leo – Adopted December 2016

Congratulations to little Leo! This sweet gentleman has found a wonderful home with new adopter Meg. … With a quiet home to call his own, sweaters being knitted for him already and an experienced owner – Leo has really hit the jackpot! Now living in Walnut Grove, Leo has many trails to explore and once he’s home, he has lots of places to cuddle up. We want to thank long-time foster Robin for setting him up for success in his new home, and to new adopter Meg for giving Leo his new ‘leash’ on life. #adoptdontshop #leashsavinglives #terriertuesday

Roo – Adopted December 2016

Congratulations Roo❤ Roo came into care at the beginning of November and adapted quickly to life as a posh pooch! Her sassy little personality quickly stole the heart of a previous foster and the rest is history! This sweet Manitoba Mutt will be joining a large and growing family full of LEASH Alumnis! Ellie(aka Baby Ruth), Willow(aka Bella) and Noodle(aka Jax) will all be aiding in the raising of this little girl with multiple play dates and hikes a plenty over the holidays! We look forward to updates and lots of pictures of Roo as she grows into the amazing girl we know she will be. Thank you Lisa and Derek for giving Roo a home for the holidays and ultimately her new leash on

Hank – Adopted December 2016

Congratulations Hank!!!!! We cannot begin to express how excited we are that this rambunctious and sometimes mischievous little dude has found himself an amazing home and just in time for the Holidays! … Hank will spend the rest of his days alongside his new family exploring all that the lower mainland has to offer. This little guy (soon to be big guy) has no idea just what’s in store for him, as his new parents led a very active life before his arrival and are looking forward to taking him along on all of their adventures. From weekly hikes and trail walks to lake days and camping in the summer, Hank will get to experience it all! Hank will be the center of attention in