Ray – Adopted May 2015

Congratulations Ray!!!! Ray is the most amazing puppy and he held out for the most amazing family! Now we understand why he was with us for so long! Tatiana and Darren were more than prepared to welcome a new power breed pup into their home and were already working on training the same night as adoption (note the blanket on the couch, “Rays Spot”). Ray will have lots of fun exploring dog parks, going on trail adventures, and meeting new friends at daycare and in training! We are so happy for this sweet boy, and look forward to updates as he grows! Thank you so much Tatiana and Darren for giving Ray his new leash on life❤  

Darcie – Adopted April 2015

Congratulations Darcie(now Zoey) This sweet, gentle, loving little girl found her happily ever after with a fantastic family in Maple Ridge ❤ Her days will be filled with park visits, walks, and neighbourhood adventures!. Darcie loves to play and seems to have really clicked with Kelsey becoming her little shadow(pictured with her). Thank you so much Debi, Kelsey, Jesse and of course new big fur-brother Koda for giving Darcie her new leash on life!! (Darcie and Koda both attended Paws in The Park this past Saturday where they couldn’t keep their eyes off the other dogs!)

Sanchez – Adopted April 2015

Congratulations Sanchez!!! This itty bitty teeny weeny heart-breaker stole many hearts while he was with us! His tiny little body was made up of 100% love! So we weren’t at all surprised when his new mama scooped him up and fell in love at one of our ‘Meet our Mutts’ events:) Sanchez will be living super exciting life as he will get to accompany his new mom to work every day and gets lots of snuggles and socialization from everyone! We have no doubt he will be the life of the party with all of his antics! Thank you Shauna for choosing rescue and giving Sanchez his new leash on life❤

Elmo – Adopted April 2015

Congratulations Elmo!!! They say good things come to those that wait and this is a prime example of that!! Elmo came to us in a shutdown state and was a shy little guy that kept getting over looked. He spent close to 8 months with his fosters, and had applications and meets that fell through or just weren’t a good fit. Then along came Amanda! She seemed to know right away that this little guy was the missing piece to her puzzle!. It wasn’t until the home visit where Elmo spent over an hour playing with his now fur siblings Bonito and Cujo that we also knew this was it!!! Elmo is officially adopted and in his new home! He has the furry friends that

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