The Rise of High-Risk Rescues

World Rescue

While our organization has respect for other rescues/organizations, We do not condone the sort of high-risk behaviors now emerging in the rescue scene. 2014 has been a very busy, very interesting year for us. Overall it’s been a tough one as well, with some very challenging cases and situations, and yet we’ve come through with so many amazing homes for a ton of equally-amazing dogs-in-need. Thank you to everyone for your continued support. This year has brought many challenges and many blessings. One thing we’ve noticed during the course of this year has been the increase in individuals wanting to work in animal rescue, and we are so very proud to see more and more people pick up that interest and volunteer with rescue organizations

Lexi – Adopted August 2014

Congratulations Lexi!!!!!!We knew this gorgeous girl wasn’t going to last long in our care and we were right! Lexi’s new Mama, Linda, came to our last “Meet our Mutts” event and absolutely fell in love with Lexi even though she was not who Linda had originally came to see … and we just love when things work out that way!  Being the only fur-baby in the house Lexi is sure to get lots of love and attention, with a big back yard of her very own to run and play in  :) Thank you Linda for giving Lexi her New Leash on Life

Rosie – Adopted August 2014

Congratulations Rosie!!!!!Sweet Little Rosie (on the right) has officially stolen the hearts of her foster family! Not only has Rosie put on some much needed weight, but she has also completely come out of her shell playing and snuggling with new fur-brother Scooby (on the left). Rosie even went on her first family trip to the states over the long weekend, what a lucky dog! We are so happy for little Rosie and wish her all the best in her new home!Thank you Natalie, Dwight and Scooby for giving Rosie her New Leash on Life!

Jarvis – Adopted August 2014

Congratulations Jarvis!!!!“If you love something set it free, if it comes back it was meant to be!” That saying perfectly sums up this pair, as Jarvis has officially been adopted by his previous foster Mama, Laura! Jarvis has landed himself a fantastic home, where there will be no shortage of love and attention, plus with a new fur-brother he’ll have someone to run and play with Thank you Laura for welcoming Jarvis back with open arms and giving him his New Leash on Life!

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