Fig – Adopted January 2017

Congratulations Fig❤ This little man was made for big things! Perhaps things bigger than he could have imagined until he met his new family! This little man is the centre of attention in a household that absolutely adores him. There is no shortage of things going on, people willing to toss balls or share a snuggle with. Plus he will start training with @Wenlys where he will continue working on his manners! Fig has also found himself a job already. The eldest child has diabetes, and when his blood sugar dips below normal, Fig jumps into alert mode! He will wake him up and maul him in fuzzy puppy love until it’s sorted out. Pretty incredible. People say dogs have a way of finding those

Huckleberry and Sweet Pea – Adopted January 2017

Congratulations HuckleBerry and Sweet Pea ❤ This cute little twosome landed a home where they can continue to be the best of friends and snuggle buddies!. Out of the entire litter these 2 just stuck together. Huck and Pea will want for nothing in their new home and are already finding out what it’s like to be spoiled rotten. Backyard play sessions, hikes, and no shortage of people to cuddle with. These 2 cuties will have their manners on point as they’re both starting puppy classes with @moderncanine to ensure a solid foundation!. We can’t wait to see pictures of these two as they grow into the beautiful dogs we know they will be!. Thank you Barbie, Frank, Lois and Frannie for giving HuckleBerry and

Ferguson – Adopted January 2017

Congratulations Ferguson!! It took this shy little guy to find his people but he finally did!! Gus was in foster for almost 4 months, he learned all sorts of stuff and really found himself in that time! After several failed meets, he finally found his forever with an amazing family in Anmore!… Gus gets to be the centre of attention in his new home and will be kept busy with 2 new brothers that are excited to have him join the family so they can take him out to local parks and trails. Plus a sister that will be home for summer from University to spoil him with lots of snuggles!. His new dad works from home so this guy will spend very little time

Sprout – Adopted January 2017

Congratulations Sprout!!! This adorable little guy was the sweet loving guy that loved to sing the song of his people❤ Now he officially has his very own humans to tell his story to!. Sprout is getting a head start on his manners with @Canine Connection and we’re pretty sure will be graduating top of his class – we may be biased though!. Sprout will spend his days playing wi…th his favourite toys, exploring the local parks and all the amazing trails VanCity has to offer. He also has a lineup of puppy pals just waiting to meet him!. We can’t wait to see pictures and receive updates as this little man grows up to be a big man! Thank you so much Anna and James