Frenchie – Adopted November 2016

Congratulations Frenchie!!!! Frenchie, now Ivy, didn’t last long in our care once she was made available … but we knew that this blonde little beauty wouldn’t! Ivy caught the eye of her new forever family instantly and has been welcomed home with open arms by everyone, including the resident cat! … Ivy will spend her time, exploring her new surroundings with her new family and soaking up every last bit of love and attention that she gets from everyone she meets. With her foster Mom being a member of the family already she will get to visit often and see how she grows! We are so happy for Ivy and know that she will continue to get the training and commitment she needs to thrive

Haouli – Adopted November 2016

Congratulations Haouli!!!!! Haouli is officially home for the holidays with his forever family! It was made official over the long weekend in November which gave him lots of time to adapt to his new surroundings and people. … With large (and we mean extra large) dog experience we have no doubt that Haouli will get all of the love and care that he needs which his new family. With a dog park close by and lots of walking trails he will get to enjoy all that Mission has to offer … His new Mom also has hopes of eventually having him join her on her Kayaking adventures! Thank you Sarah and Abby for opting to adopt and for giving a sweet boy like Haouli his

Rizzo – Adopted November 2016

Congratulations Rizzo! Some things are just meant to be! When Rizzo’s initial applicant didn’t work out we moved on to #2.. #2 being a fab couple that came out to our Meet Our Mutts fell in love with everyone but there was just something about Rizzo! This sweet little girl stole their hearts 💕 … Rizzo is now settled into life with her forever family, enjoying walks around the local hood and growing like a weed! This mischievous pup hit the jackpot with a home where she gets to be the centre of attention while her parents dote on her every need. Rizzo will continue to work on her training and build on the basics that her fosters taught her!. Thank you Elora and Brayden

Tucker – Adopted October 2016

Congratulations Tucker!!… Tucker now Calvin, had a rough start to his life but it quickly turned around. Calvin was found in a ditch, in a Northern Manitoba fly in First Nation community by the wonderful aboriginal community members eager to make a difference in their community. He was vetted and checked over by Save A Dog Network Canada and ready for his trip out West! Everyone quickly fell in love with this little fluff ball. Brian and Tracy knew from the start this was the pup they had been waiting for. With newly purchasing their first home they could fully commit to bringing a new member into their family! Brian and Tracy have a love for all the outdoor activities; seasonal cross country skiing, mountain