Jordan – Adopted March 2017

Congratulations Jordan!!! Jordan stole many a heart but no ones more than this amazing family! Jordan will spend her days playing in her backyard and adventuring everything Maple Ridge has to offer all while working on her basic manners with Wenlys pet care Inc. Jordan has found a best friend in youngest son, Max! (he’s even wearing his Jordan sweater in this pic) And has her crate set up in his room We can’t wait to see what a big beautiful lady she grows up to be!! Thank you Erin, Dave, Max, Rachel, Tariq and of course Nigel for giving Jordan her new leash on life  

Chloe – Adopted February 2017

Congratulations Chloe!!! This cutie had a ton of interest since her arrival last year but we just couldn’t find the right fit – until recently!… Previous LEASH adopters Dawn and Glen (whom adopted Tango, now Dexter last year) had been thinking of bringing another pup into their family when Chloe just kept grabbing their attention. Chloe is falling fast for her new brother Dexter, has a new wardrobe and bed to call her own and will be pampered to the nines like the princess she is! We are SO happy Dawn and Glen have found their second LEASH rescue, having been so dedicated and committed to your first rescue pup we know you will set Chloe up for the same success. Thank you Dawn and

Stills – Adopted February 2017

Congratulations Stills!! This little fluffball was a popular guy! Having arrived with his siblings and fostered with his brother, this guy seemed to have everyone fawning over him for his laid-back personality and smarts.… Along came Rosemary and Lloyd (and their family) whom fell head over heels for him. Lloyd being recently retired will get to spend every day working on his puppy manners, continue with socialization and enroll him in a wonderful local puppy class. Stills will have a large yard to explore and lots of attention by family. We can’t wait to see how big this guy gets and look forward to updates! Thank you to Rosemary and Lloyd and their children for welcoming Stills(Now Milo) into their home, spoiling him rotten ,and

Nash – Adopted February 2017

Congratulations Nash!! This black-nosed stud-muffin hit the jackpot with his new family! Having grown up on a farm, Nicole knows what it takes to work with large dogs and animals – and now has one to call her very own!… Nash and Nicole will spend tons of time roaming LaFarge Lake, the local trails and since she is a marathon runner, Nash will be joining her on her many jogs around town. On the weekends, Nash will get to explore the family farm and be pampered as the ‘first fur-grandkid’. He’s already growing a ton and learning lots of great doggy manners through Wenlys pet care Inc. – one of our amazing training groups we work with. We can’t wait for updates and to see