Henry – Adopted July 2015

Congratulations Henry!!! Henry stole a ton of hearts at our last meet our mutts event, but this amazing family stole his! Henry is a super fun, busy little guy and now he has a family of his own with equal energy! Henry will be spending his summer lounging in his new backyard, hanging at the park at the end of the street, training hard, and spending countless hours playing with the younger members of his new family! We couldn’t be happier for this scruffy little guy and look forward to updates and pictures of him as he grows up! Thank you Marian, Albert, Zoe and Elliot for giving Henry his new leash on life❤

Will – Adopted July 2015

Congratulations Will!! This spunky little guy scored with a breed experienced home that understands exactly what he needs!! Will is happy little guy that is so eager to please and learn and these 2 are up for that challenge! Will, will be enrolled in training to ensure he grows up to be the best dog he can! He is also headed for doggy daycare so that he can make lots of friends and continue his socialization. We have no doubt that our Prince Will is in amazing hands❤ We look forward to updates and pictures as Will grows into an adult. Thank you Lara and Simon for giving Will his new leash on life!!

Rosie – Adopted July 2015

Congratulations Rosie!!! Rosie waited longer than we expected in foster care! She had a couple of meets but none that just clicked! Until this lovely couple sent in an application:) Rosie found herself a calm, loving family where she can be the centre of everything and hoard all the attention(just how she likes it!!). Rosie will spend the rest of her summer with trips to the cabin and her stay at home dad. What a lucky little lady❤ We look forward to updates and pictures of Rosie as she settles in! Thank you to Murray and Julianne for giving Rosie her new leash on life!.

Lucy – Adopted July 2015

Congratulations Lucy!!! Some things happen for a reason! When Lucy’s foster gave up we had to move her to a new spot, a spot that just happened to be around the corner from her new family! Lucy got to meet her new family one day while hanging at Pet Planet Pitt Meadows. It was love at first sight as they adored her relentless energy and sweet disposition! This little lady hit the jackpot with a family that is as active as she is and understands how important training is to ensure Lucy grows up to be a breed ambassador! Wishing you lots of sprinkler dances in your future Lucy❤ Thank you to Zabrina, Corey and Mackenzie for giving Lucy her new leash on life!  

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