Aaron – Adopted July 2014

Congratulations Aaron (now Baron)!!! This BIG Puppy came to us needing “the works”, and the works is what he got with his awesome foster Danny and foster sister, LEASH Alumni Ruby, who showed him all about what being part of a family was like  In the process and almost immediately Baron met Mike who would accompany him on many of his outdoor adventures with Ruby and Danny … needless to say Mike knew from that point that Baron was just the dog for him and his pack! Not only will Baron have many new outdoor adventures with Mike and his new fur-siblings but he will also get to still see Danny and Ruby who live next door! Such a great outcome for this big lug,

Jarvis – Adopted July 2014

Congratulations Jarvis!!!! Jarvis stole the hearts of a lovely couple in Maple Ridge at our Canine Carnival event, they came out and spent much of their afternoon hanging out with him and loving on him! Since going home with his new family Jarvis has already been on multiple walks and pay dates, meeting lots of new furry friends  :) We are very happy with Jarvis’ Happy Tails Ending! Thank you Jim & Linda for giving Jarvis his New Leash on Life!

LuLu – Adopted July 2014

Congratulations LuLu!!! This little heartbreaker didn’t even make it to our adoptables album but she did make it to our ‘Meet Our Mutts’ event at Pet Planet!! This is where her new family met her and began the adoption process. Lulu is going to be a spoiled little girl and we are so happy for her. Truly a homeless hound to posh pooch kinda story.. After their first night we received a message saying “We are already so in love with her, We just love her like crazy. She’s already part of the family!” We can’t wait for the updates and pictures as Lu grows up to be an amazing dog. We are confident her new family is dedicated to ensuring she is a breed

Tom & Jerry – Adopted July 2014

Congratulations Tom & Jerry!!!!! (Jerry on the Left – Tom on the Right) Meant to be . . . Tom and Gerry have found their forever family! It was a mutual “love at first sight” and these two brothers are going to be treated like little kings! Now named Charlie (Tom) and Finnegan (Gerry), the brothers easily found their way into the hearts of Don, Julie and son Kevin. With Julie enjoying early retirement, the boys will have someone with them all of the time – and that’s all they need, besides each other, is someone to love and cuddle! Thank you Don, Julie and Kevin for giving these two boys their new Leash on Life!  

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