Patrick – Adopted June 2015

Congratulations Patrick!! We celebrate all of our adoptions but this one we couldn’t help but celebrate a little louder! We couldn’t be happier for Patrick and feel this is an amazing story to start the week with:) Patrick was the subject of horrific abuse and suffered burns as a result of a corrosive chemical being tossed on him. Despite his terrifying beginning he remained a loving, sweet, trusting boy. And now he is a sweet, trusting, loving boy with a home ❤ Patrick’s new family fell in love during their first meet and knew they needed him in their family. His days will be filled with hikes, adventures, lots of socializing, and massages. Yes! Massages! Patrick’s new mom is a Chiropractor and Patrick gets to

Louie – Adopted May 2015

Congratulations Louie!! Our little border collie mix full of love and wiggles stole the hearts of a young couple looking to expand their family ❤ Louie’s life is going to be full of exploring the great outdoors, play dates and lounging in the backyard sunbathing!. We have no doubt this little man is going to flourish as he is incredibly smart and with a family that is committed to seeing him to do great things! We look forward to pictures and updates of this little man as he ages! Thank you so much to Elyse and Craig for giving Louie his new leash on life❤

Larry – Adopted May 2015

Congratulations Larry!!!!! Our little adorable Larry has found his forever home with a wonderful couple in Langley, complete with a new fur-sister! Larry will continue his socialization with other pups at Good Dog Ranch where both him and his new fur-sister Daphne go for doggy daycare while their humans are at work! What a lucky boy!! With lots of power breed experience we have no doubt that this is a fantastic and forever home for Mr. Larry, who is growing like a weed and seems to get larger each day! We can’t wait to see the amazing boy that Larry continues to grow up to be! Thank you to Bryan, Jessie and of course Daphne for giving Larry his New Leash on Life!

Jacob – Adopted May 2015

Congratulations Jacob!!!!! This wonderful couple is a great example of how patience pays off! Kevin and Rita came out to one of our Meet our Mutts events in hopes to adopt a new member of the family. After applying for a few different dogs that just didn’t quite fit they continued to be patient and keep their eyes open and came across sweet Jacob! The rest is history, Jacob completely won them over and landed himself a forever home with Kevin and Rita in Burnaby Although Kevin and Rita have never had a dog of their own they have always wanted one and are super eager to learn how to be the best dog owners they can be! Jacob will get lots of one on

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