Romeo – Adopted March 2015

Congratulations Romeo!! Our fuzzy white little devil found his forever home! These 2 originally met at ‘The Pet Lovers Show’ and just clicked. Ronnie knew right away that she had found her Romeo and went home to apply right away. We are so glad that she did as Romeo will be the King of the Castle in his new home!. Ronnie was so excited about his arrival that her co-workers even held a “Doggy Shower”where she received everything new and blue <3 We can’t wait for updates on this sweet little guy as he really deserves to be the apple of someone’s eye. Thank you so much Ronnie for giving Romeo his new leash on life. Ronnie and Romeo…has a cute ring to it

Chuckie – Adopted March 2015

Congratulations Chuckie!!! Our sweet, loving bundle of fun has found his happily ever after and in a home that couldn’t have been a better fit!! Chuckie will be spending his days romping with his new fur brother ‘Buddy’ in his humongous backyard and going on neighborhood walks to meet the locals and explore! Vicki and Gord both have large breed experience and are up for the challenges of doggy adolescence! We couldn’t be happier for him! Thank you so much to Tails N Trails Dog Walking for helping us get Chuckie the exercise he needed while in care, it really does take a village!! And Vicki, Gord and of course Buddy, thank you for giving Chuckie his new leash on life <3

Doug – Adopted March 2015

Congratulations Doug!!! Doug didn’t even make it to our adoptables as his foster family fell head over heels in love with him! Doug will be spending his time in a busy home with 4 adults so will never be alone. There will always be someone available for a trip to the park or a toy throwing session! We are so happy for Doug, as his transition from homeless to happy was shorter than most! Thank you so much to The McVey Family (Margaret,Scott,John pictured) for opting to adopt and giving Doug his new leash on life!

Bluebell – Adopted March 2015

Congratulations Bluebell!!!!!! We knew that Bluebell was going to eventually find the right fit for her in a forever family and she did!! We wanted Bluebell’s new forever family to have power breed experience to ensure that she will continue to become the best dog that she can be and a true breed ambassador! Tiffany (right) and Jeremony (left) rescued their previous dog, Scoutie, from a neglectful situation and he needed a lot of work … from being semi-feral at the time, to no formal training or manners they had a lot of work ahead of them. But with time, patience, understanding and love they overcame all of the challenges that Scoutie faced and he even lived to the ripe old age of 17 (2

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