Bobbi – Adopted October 2017

Congratulations Bobbi!

 This sweet little lady affectionately named Bobbi due to her bobbed tail found herself an amazing family to call hers. This sweet little girl will be living on acreage near the ocean. Bobbi will get to rule the roost and spend her days exploring the hillside and dipping her toes in the ocean during shoreline walks. Bobbi’s new family are recently retired and are avid hikers, so its safe to say this little girl will be the centre of attention and spending a lot of time in her favourite place – the great outdoors.

We are excited for what the future has to hold for Bobbi and look forward to seeing pictures of her as she continues to grow into the beautiful lady we all know she will be. Thank you Cindy and Doug for giving Bobbi her new leash on life



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Maya – Adopted October 2017

Congratulations Maya!

This little fluff ball was the belle of the ball with her good looks and sweet personality! We received so many incredible applications making the choice really hard, but in the end it was Holly that made Maya light up!.

This little girl will be spending her days in the Burnaby area, attending daycare on Mom works days and exploring the lakes and trails on days off!. Nightly routine will consist of lots of snuggles obviously!.

We are so happy for Miss Maya and look forward to updates as she continues to settle in! Thank you Holly for choosing to adopt and giving Maya her new leash on life.

Maya Adopt Miya


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Kira – Adopted October 2017

Congratulations Kira!!!

When Kira first landed here in Vancouver from SADN, we here at LEASH knew she’d be stealing the show at all our events, which she did. While Kira was stealing the show, she was also stealing the hearts of Kelsi and Lee with all of her social media hype. It was safe to say, once they met it was no question that she would be a great addition to the family!

Kira will be spending her mornings going for runs with her mom and then hiking on the weekends, with maybe a brewery stop off somewhere in there! When she’s not out exploring what beautiful BC has to offer, she will be brushing up on her manners at Good Hound Training & Daycare

We are so excited for Kira, and cannot wait to see what her life has in store for her. Thank you to Kelsi, Lee and her new big bro Ghost for giving Kira her new leash on life ❤️

Kira Adopt Kira

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Tugboat – Adopted September 2017

Congratulations Tugboat!

This little studmuffin stole the hearts of MANY, and we mean MANY! Tugboat came to us from Save A Dog Network Canada and Kathleen and Ryan first met him at ‘The Bay’ during -Giving Days-and were instantly smitten… safe to say they couldn’t stop thinking about him. They kept an eye on Facebook and when he became available they put in an application, crossed their fingers and checked their emails several times a day!.

Tugboat will be found frequenting the dykes in Port Coquitlam and those breweries he so loved in Port Moody- where he continues to steal hearts. Tugboat now ‘Tug’ gets to enjoy all the new 4-legged friends his family has, as well as, also going to daycare during the week. He has already started brushing up on his skills with Karen at Coastal Canine Training Services during his weekly puppy classes and is doing great!

We are so excited for adventures Kathleen and Ryan have in story for Tug and look forward to updates and pics as this little/big man grows!

Thank you Kathleen and Ryan for giving Tug his new leash on life


Tugboat Adopt Tug 5

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Joey – Adopted September 2017

Congratulations Joey ❤️

This little old guy was looking for something real special! A place not only to call his own, but a place that would accept him for the sweet older pup he is!. Joey found himself in care when his owner passed away, lucky for him he’s getting a second chance at life. Joey will be busy on neighbourhood walks and exploring all the local parks! On his down time he will be showing the world that an old dog can learn new tricks with Coastal Canine Training Services

We are so happy for Joey and look forward to updates and pictures as he continues to settle! Thank you Blair and Edith for giving Joey his new leash on life!

Joey Adopt Joey 4

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Cooper – Adopted September 2017

Congratulations Cooper❤️

Good things truly come to those who wait, and adoptions are no exception. We are absolutely delighted to officially announce that after a little more than 9 months in care, our loveable Beagle Mix has found a fabulous home in Vancouver.

Cooper came to LEASH with significant baggage from an abusive past, and had a steep learning curve as he learned how to trust again. To say we – and Cooper! – had our work cut out for us would be an understatement. Thanks largely to our fabulous training partners Pacific Paws Canine Training, The Contented Dog & Cedar Valley K9 Cooper began his intensive rehab. With time, consistency, and patience Cooper began to reveal a tender & loving heart that was so eager to please…and we had hope that our sweet boy would in fact find a forever home that would cherish him. When we met Adam & Laura, we knew that our quirky Beagle-ish pup had found his people – not only does he get to be the centre of their world, but he enjoys regular runs along the seawall, fun playdates with new doggie friends, and toys galore. As part of their commitment to ongoing training, Adam & Laura have started sessions with Dizine Canine – Dog Training & Behaviour to continue helping Cooper become the best he can be. Thank you to everyone that played a role in Coopers happily ever after including Coquitlam Animal Shelter and Alouette Animal Hospital.

Cooper – you have made us so, so proud. You have taught us so much about resiliency and the capacity to heal and love. You represent all that is right in rescue and we are so excited to see you graduate to alumni. Thank you Laura and Adam for giving Cooper his new leash on life.

Cooper Adopt Cooper 4 (2)

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Shiloh – Adopted September 2017

Congratulations Shiloh ❤️

This rambunctious girl came into care from the NWTSPCA. She was a dog that had been tied to a porch and starved, during this time she had a litter of pups that she gave everything she had. Luckily for Shiloh that is all in her past.

Shiloh landed in the care of one of our awesome fosters that took her out exploring all the amazing summer things the west coast has to offer. It was discovered that not only did Shiloh love snow, she loved water! She would swim at any chance she got.. and now she’s found her forever home within steps of White Rock Beach! This beautiful girl will be brushing up on her skills with Good Hound Training & Daycare all the while continuing to have daily adventures with her super husky savvy mom!

We are excited for updates and pictures as Shiloh continues to adjust to her new life. Thanks so much to Catherine for giving Shiloh her new leash on life ❤️

#LEASHsavinglives #NWTSPCA #HappyTail

Shilo Adopt Shilo 2

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Huey – Adopted August 2017

Congratulations Huey

Every now and then there is a dog that comes into care where A. It takes village and B. They choose their home. This is the case with Huey. Huey arrived into care back in the Spring of 2016. After a few months in foster he found a home, sadly the home didn’t work out and Huey came back into care. Lucky for him, his original fosters stepped up and welcomed him back with open arms. Huey settled right back in like he had never left. Laying around on the bed when alone, going on his walks, and his weekly training sessions with @DogSmart. He went back up for adoption, and despite applications there just wasn’t one that clicked. One that made us go – this is it!. We started to search outside the box for ways to get Huey some exposure and @DailyHive featured him multiple times on their website. We had @pixelpaws and @TanyaKing take amazing photos of the little man to showcase just what a little catch he was. Still no match. Then close to 18 months after his initial arrival into care, it happened. We got the application. The one that had all the experience necessary to care for Huey, the one that was active, the one that loved the breed, the one that wanted to continue to do training, the one that was ready for a dog.. the ones that loved him so much they suddenly realized they couldn’t let him go, This was exactly what Huey needed. He needed to stay right where he was because as far as Huey was concerned he was home. He had spent the over a year in this routine with Jo and Eric and trusts them. Huey went from a broken down dog to a confident little pipsqueak with pep in his step. Jo and Eric have spent a countless amount of time and energy ensuring Huey got everything he needed, and in the end what he needed was them.

As far as we are concerned there is no better ending to this story. And while we didn’t see it coming we are glad that it has happened Thank you Jo and Eric for giving Huey, not only a chance when you opened your home to him 18 months ago, but his new leash on life.

Additional thank you to DOGSmart Training & DAYcare – Vancouver for being one of Huey’s biggest fans and helping him so much on this journey, Darcy Matheson at Daily Hive Vancouver for helping us to get him seen time and time again, and Tanya King Photography for donating time to photographing Huey so he always looked his best, Bronte Pet Services for Huey’s weekly train and walks and a Time4Dogs for Dog for hosting Huey when his fosters needed to travel. It really does take a village – Thank you!

#LEASHsavinglives #HueyLouis #IttyBittyPitty #TBT

Huey Adopt Huey

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Pristi – Adopted August 2017

Congratulations Pristi!

Our bad!! We forgot to post the precious Pristi!

This sweet little girl found herself in rescue after being surrendered to the good peeps at Save A Dog Network Canada Following transfer to LEASH she started a search to find a home that checked all the boxes on her list! And she did just that! Large yard✔️, active family✔️,and experience✔️. This little girl will be the centre of attention in her new home with 2 teen boys to fawn over her and keep her busy! When she’s not out exploring Pristi will be working on her manners with Coastal Canine Training Services

We look forward to ongoing updates and pictures as Pristi grows up :) Thank you to Nicola, Richard, Harry and Thomas for giving Pristi, now Luna her new leash on life❤️
Pristi Adopt Pristi 2

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Shiya – Adopted August 2017

Congratulations Shiya!!

Imagine spending your days on 40 acres of land, with nothing but forest around you, your nights spent falling asleep to the sound of a guitar and your weekends spent travelling and exploring beautiful British Columbia and beyond… Well, this is now life for Shiya! This moon-eyed bossy, and lovingly affectionate pup had an overwhelming amount of applications and broke many a heart ; but it was evident when Shiya met Stephanie and Elliott they were her missing puzzle piece, and she was theirs.

When Shiya is not busy living the country life we all want, she will be brushing up on her manners with Dizine Canine – Dog Training & Behaviour

We look forward to getting updates and picture of Shiya (Now Emmie -Lou) as she continues to grow. Thank you to Stephanie and Elliott for choosing to adopt and giving Shiya her new leash on life❤️

#LEASHsavinglives #HappyTail #CountryGirl

Shiya Adopt Shiya 2

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