Miso – Adopted January 2018

Congratulations Miso!

This cute little bundle of love had everyone talking about adoption as she was just so cute! Miso is now living her dream down in Vancouver where she has an extensive fashion collection and busy social life! When she’s not out and about and cruising the sea wall she will be working on her social life with Canine Connection Training Lucky for Miso, Dad has the ability to work from home which means very little alone time while still a pup. Miso is the apple of her new parents eye and even has her own Instagram page where she shares her adventures @miladente_jackchi

We look forward to pictures and updates as Miso goes from puppy to dog. Thank you Laura and Francesco for giving Miso (Now Mila) her new leash on life ❤️

miso adopt Miso 2

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Rico – Adopted January 2018

Congratulations Rico ❤️

This little man found himself in care back in the Spring of 2017 when his owner abandoned him and left him with a friend. A friend that was unable to keep him long term. Luckily for Rico, they reached out to LEASH and Rico was enroute to Foster soon after that. While Rico may be a little bit older, he is still a pup at heart and loves to play and have the company of other dogs. Rico was looked over by so many and we can’t understand why as he really is a special fellow. Lucky for Rico, it all worked out in his favour when he caught the eye of Sandra and Doug. As previous adopters of LEASH we were hopeful as they checked all the boxes.. after the initial meet it was confirmed that they thought he was the bees knees and we scheduled a home visit where Rico would meet his soon to be brother, LEASH Alumni Moe. They got along famously and that seemingly sealed the deal for Rico ❤️

We are so happy that Rico has found such an amazing home where he will be loved and adored for the rest of his years. We want to thank Tanya King Photography, Daily Hive Vancouver, and @DarcyMatheson for helping us highlight Rico during his time in care with professional photos and media. And of course the fosters that didn’t give up!

We look forward to updates and pictures as Rico continues to settle into his new home. Thank you Sandra, Doug and of course Moe for giving Rico his new leash on life ❤️

Rico Adopt Rico 4

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Dexter – Adopted January 2018

Congratulations Dexter❤️

This sweet guy found his forever. For real this time! Dexter had a rocky past and some bouncing around but in the end he was just waiting for the perfect fit. He found that with his new family!

Trish and Mike were so eager to meet Dexter and understand what he was all about, upon first meeting they were smitten and wanted to proceed. We wanted to ensure that this was indeed forever so have waited just over 4 months to make it official. Dexter has made huge strides with Mike and Trish, they have been so consistent and committed to his needs that his seperation anxiety has nearly diminished (they have a cool treat tossing cameras they can talk to the dogs through), his leash reactivity continues to improve and they’re diligently working with Coastal Canine Training Services to ensure they’re on the right track. Best of all, Dexter has an older sister and best friend in Cammy. It’s safe to say Dexter has officially found his forever home and we couldn’t be happier.

Want to follow along on Dexter’s new adventures? Follow him on Instagram: @cammy_and_dexter

We look forward to stalking your Instagram and of course updates from you both! Thank you Trish, Mike and Cammy for giving Dexter his new leash on life ❤️

Dexter Adopt Dexter 

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Tiara – Adopted January 2018

Congratulations Tiara!

This little lady came into care with Trella, these kids had a bit of an unstable past and were looking for a new beginning! Trella went on to find her forever home 2wks ago and a week later it was Tiara’s turn. After 3 months in care this little girl found her forever with Kaera! Safe to say she will be the centre of attention with 3 adults in the home to spoil her. Even better with opposite shifts Tiara will rarely be on her own and will always have someone to snuggle with. Coupled with a Mom that works close to home, dog parks within walking distance and frequent strolls around Crescent Beach it’s safe to say Tiara hit the jackpot!.

We are so happy for this little girl, and look forward to updates and pictures as she continues to settle in. Thank you Kaera for giving Tiara (Now Olive) a new leash on life ❤️

Tiara Adopt Tiara 2

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Trella – Adopted January 2018

Congratulations Trella!!

This little girl did nothing but flourish while in foster! While she was shy and unsure at first she is now a sweet, affectionate, eager to meet you little lady! Trella being the affectionate girl she is needed to find a home where she could be the centre of attention, and she found that with Nathan and Lindsay.

Trella will be exploring all the cool trails and parks that Poco has to offer! And when she’s not busy checking out her new city she will be working on her manners with Coastal Canine Training Services
It’s safe to say that Trella’s second chapter is full of new and exciting things!.

We look forward to updates and pictures as she continues to settle in. Thank you Nathan and Lindsay for giving Trella (Now Luna) her new leash on life❤️

Trella Adopt Trella 3

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Sake – Adopted January 2018

Congratulations Sake ❤️

From the moment this sweet loving little man arrived from Save A Dog Network Canada, he was simply irresistible. Everyone that met him fell in love with his soulful eyes and vocal nature!. Lucky for Sake he’s landed himself an amazing home in Vancouver! This little man has lots of stuff lined up for him as he starts his new life in the downtown core! Sake’s new mom works nice and close to home, so lunch time will be full of play and snuggles for him and his new older sister!. Sake will be brushing up on his already amazing manners and skills with Dizine Canine – Dog Training & Behaviour

We look forward to updates and pictures as Sake continues to grow! Thank you Tara, Ryan and Bailey for giving Sake his new leash on life ❤️

Sake Adopt Sake (m)

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Bessie, Tiny, Clover, Otto, Dawn and Miko – Adopted 2017

Congratulations Bessie, Tiny, Clover, Otto, Dawn, and Miko!

Each of these amazing dogs also found homes this year with incredible families and we couldn’t be happier or them!

Thank you to each family for not only choosing to adopt but giving Bessie, Tiny, Clover, Otto, Dawn, and Miko their new leashes on life ❤️

Bessie Cow   Tiny (m) clover 2 Otto 3 Dawn 6 Miko (2)

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Boo – Adopted December 2017

Congratulations Boo!!

This adorable little man was hard to see go! His cute characteristics combined with his larger than life personality made him such a fun guy to be around! Lucky for Boo, he found his forever family with Carolyn and Jeremy!

Living in North Vancouver is a dream come true for Boo as he will be able to explore and run all the local trails with his mom! When not out on the trail, Boo has a yard to call his own along with 2 teenagers and 2 feline friends to talk to! His new Pa and Grandpa are avid boaters and hope for Boo to also have a love of the water so he can join them on their many escapades! Needless to say Boo has many people in his new life to keep him busy and full of adventure!
Down time will be spent brushing up on his manners with @Dizine Canine Training!

We look forward to updates and pictures as he continues to settle in! Thank you Carolyn, Jeremy, Makayla and Taylor for giving Boo his new leash on life❤️

Boo Adopt Boo 2

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Mr. Jones – Adopted December 2017

Congratulations Mr Jones!

This spunky little guy was looking for a home that has lots of time to spend with him and has patience for some of his quirky husky traits (he is definitely chatty)!

We received so many amazing applications but it was Whitney and Anton that stood out. They have been looking to add a four legged friend to their family for a long time and now that they are home owners, they finally felt it was the perfect time. Once they saw a picture of Mr Jones, they knew they had found the one! Mr Jones (now Rocky) will be out exploring all the trails and parks in Langley and even has a dog park right outside his new home! He can play all day or nap on his (many!) dog beds throughout the house. Thank you Whitney and Anton for giving Rocky his new leash on life.❤️

Mr Jones Adopt Mr Jones 4

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Ahi – Adopted December 2017

Congratulations Ahi!!

This sweet little girl stole plenty a heart with her fuzzy little looks! In the end it was the ‘Tereposky’ family that stole hers!

‘Ahi’ will be spending her days keeping the family on her toes as she continues to grow into a not so big lady dog! Lucky for this pint sized pooch her family has the ability to both work from home and take her to work. Needless to say ‘Ahi’ is going to be living the good life with 2 girls to keep her busy with lots of play dates and affection! Mom has already confirmed that she has settled in well and loving her new found life!

We look forward to updates and pictures as Ahi continues to grow! Thank you Miyoung, Bill, Ella and Lucy for not only choosing to adopt but giving ‘Ahi’ (now Inde) her new leash on life❤️

Ahi Adopt Ahi 2

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