Ellie Mae – Adopted June 2017

Congratulations Ellie Mae ❤️

This sweet lady was originally from the NWTSPCA. Upon arrival to beautiful BC it was quickly discovered that this lovely girl loved water and the great outdoors! After sorting through lots of applications Ellie Mae found exactly what she was looking for. Ellie is the centre of their universe and will be spending her weekends camping, hiking and playing in puddles (she loves puddles). She even gets to do trips down to there family cabin, where she has a whole ocean to play in! Days off will be spent brushing up on her manners with Modern Canine Training

We couldn’t be happier for this loveable lady who has already settled in so well!! Thank you Nicole and Marc for giving Ellie Mae her new leash on life

Ellie Mae Adopt Ellie Mae 2

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Naklin – Adopted May 2017

Congratulations Naklin!

Our super-active girl was originally from the NWTSPCA and was holding out for the perfect home. After waiting patiently, she’s found it in Raith and we couldn’t be more thrilled. This lovely girl now has a “job” and will be keeping her new Dad company as he works outside in the forest for most of the day. When she’s not out exploring in the woods with her new coworkers (both human and canine), she’ll be experiencing all of the adventures Squamish has to offer. Between mountain biking, hiking, and swimming this girl is going to live the high life!

When she’s not out on an outdoor adventure, Naklin will also be working with the team at Bravo Dog Training & Behaviour Consulting to help her become a well mannered girl, and we are confident that she will rise to the challenge.

Thank you Raith for giving Naklin her new leash on life!


Naklin Adopt Naklin 5

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Gus – Adopted May 2017

Congratulations Gus!

This cute fuzzball stole many a heart with his cute quirks and adorable face!. Gus was looking for something different, something special and he found that in Squamish! This sweet boy originally from the NWTSPCA will grow up on several acres, his own pond and with an older brother, Jack, to show him the ropes! Safe to say there will be no shortage of adventures and hikes in this big boys future ❤️

Thank you to Martine and Yves for giving Gus (Now George) a new leash on life!.

Gus Adopt Gus

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Shrimp – Adopted May 2017

Congratulations Shrimp❤️

This sweet little lady came into care from @nwtspca along with her brother, right away it was clear that she was special! This sweet, loving little lady caught the attention of many and in the end it was a hard decision to make but the right one! The ‘Dupuis’ family absolutely fell in love at first sight when they saw her picture show up online. FFWD to a meet and greet and it was clear Shrimp felt the same way. She just clicked with them and was eager to go walking and play!. Safe to say this cutie patootie will spend her days spoiled and busy with her new family hiking, swimming and exploring!. When she is not out adventuring she will be brushing up on her manners with @cedar Valley K9

We look forward to pictures and updates as this little lady grows. Thank you Ron,Janna, Mike abs Nicole for giving Shrimp her new leash on life❤️

Shrimp Adopt Shrimp

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Dexter – Adopted May 2017

Congratulations Dexter!!!

Oh Dexter, it’s been a bit of a ride for this boy but we have found his person.

Dexter was looking for just the right person to come along and sweep him off his paws, someone to take him on long runs, many new adventures and cuddles on the couch. So we were so excited when along came Natasha to give him just that.

This dynamic duo will be jogging daily around the neighbourhood, hitting the local trails and going on new adventures together. All the while brushing up on some basics with Modern Canine Training

We can’t wait to see what these two get up to together and look forward to many updates. Thank you Natasha for giving Dexter his new leash on life ❤️

Dexter Adopt Dexter 2

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Zoe and Dutchess – Adopted May 2017

Congratulations Zoe and Dutchess
Finding a good home for one dog is a challenge so when we have a bonded pair we’re usually prepared for a longer wait to find their forever home.

This was definitely not the case for our golden girls Dutchess and Zoe. Luck and chance were definitely on their side when Debbie just happened on to our page the very same day we held a Meet Our Mutts event at Bosley’s Eagle Ridge. Debbie and Steve rushed out to meet the girls at the event and it was an instant connection.

Dutchess and Zoe will get to enjoy their senior years being spoiled, lounging at home, having play dates at the dog park and casual strolls around the neighbourhood.

Thank you Debbie and Steve for giving our Golden Girls their new leash on life❤️


Zoe and Dutchess Adopt Zoe and Duchess

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Roger – Adopted April 2017

Congratulations Roger!!

This heartbreaker found his fit amongst 60+ applications! Evan and Laura knew exactly what they were getting themselves into with this guy, and were up for the challenge! This couple was looking specifically for a husky to join their family, so that their pup would be able to keep up with their active lifestyle!. Biking, Hiking, Running, and Snow Shoeing are all in this guys future! Down days will be spent cruising the boardwalk, hanging with friends at the dogpark and weekly meet ups at daycare!. Roger will also be brushing up on their manners with DogWorks training!. We are confident that the good times have only begun for this trio!

We look forward to updates and pictures as this not so little guy grows! Thank you Evan and Laura for giving Roger (Now Bernie) his new leash on life

Roger Adopt Roger 2 (2)

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Cleo – Adopted April 2017

Congratulations Cleo!

Our blonde brindle beauty stole the hearts of her foster family when she first arrived into care and soon made herself right and home with Ben & Felicia. Her enthusiastic full-body wiggle and love of toys made her a natural fit in their family – what’s not to love?! Along with the trainers at Modern Canine Training Ben & Felicia successfully helped Cleo learn some basic manners and are continuing to shape her into a breed ambassador. Cleo now spends her days alongside her fur sister Luna, and has plenty of adventures exploring the scenic ranch Ben works at. We can’t wait to see Cleo grown up and continue to develop into an incredible dog.

Thank you Ben & Felicia for giving Cleo her new leash on life!

Cleo Adopt Cleo Pro

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Stella – Adopted April 2017

Congratulations Stella!

This sweet girl is so incredibly resilient. Despite a topsy turvy start to life this little lady hit the jackpot with her new family Stella will get to join her new mom at work where they will walk to and from and she can be the office mascot! Weekends will be filled with downtown adventures and training with Dizine Canine – Dog Training & Behaviour. We are excited to see what this bearded beauty gets up to in her future! We think it’s going to be pretty amazing!

We look forward to pictures and updates as she continues to grow! Thank you Evan, Caily and Yoda(Resident Cat) for giving Stella her new leash on life

Stella Adopt Stella

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Clifford – Adopted March 2017

Congratulations Clifford

This not-so-little black fluffball stole the hearts of everyone he met at the Puppy Social, but it was Richard & Casey who stood out above the rest. With flexible schedules, large-breed experience, and active lifestyles we knew that Clifford would be in great hands. The decision was solidified when Clifford made him self right at home during the home visit by having a snooze under the coffee table and not wanting to leave that we knew he was home. Clifford will be spending his Spring exploring all the good things Surrey has to offer, including training with Modern Canine Training to ensure he grows up to be the best boy he can!

Big thank you to Richard, Casey, and cat-brother Donchu for giving Clifford his new leash on life

Clifford Adopt Clifford

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