Shiloh – Adopted September 2017

Congratulations Shiloh ❤️

This rambunctious girl came into care from the NWTSPCA. She was a dog that had been tied to a porch and starved, during this time she had a litter of pups that she gave everything she had. Luckily for Shiloh that is all in her past.

Shiloh landed in the care of one of our awesome fosters that took her out exploring all the amazing summer things the west coast has to offer. It was discovered that not only did Shiloh love snow, she loved water! She would swim at any chance she got.. and now she’s found her forever home within steps of White Rock Beach! This beautiful girl will be brushing up on her skills with Good Hound Training & Daycare all the while continuing to have daily adventures with her super husky savvy mom!

We are excited for updates and pictures as Shiloh continues to adjust to her new life. Thanks so much to Catherine for giving Shiloh her new leash on life ❤️

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Shiya – Adopted August 2017

Congratulations Shiya!!

Imagine spending your days on 40 acres of land, with nothing but forest around you, your nights spent falling asleep to the sound of a guitar and your weekends spent travelling and exploring beautiful British Columbia and beyond… Well, this is now life for Shiya! This moon-eyed bossy, and lovingly affectionate pup had an overwhelming amount of applications and broke many a heart ; but it was evident when Shiya met Stephanie and Elliott they were her missing puzzle piece, and she was theirs.

When Shiya is not busy living the country life we all want, she will be brushing up on her manners with Dizine Canine – Dog Training & Behaviour

We look forward to getting updates and picture of Shiya (Now Emmie -Lou) as she continues to grow. Thank you to Stephanie and Elliott for choosing to adopt and giving Shiya her new leash on life❤️

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Polo – Adopted August 2017

Congratulations Polo!!!

This guy. So much to say and so little space. Polo came into care after having been thrown into a fire by some children. Following this event he spent a couple of months receiving treatment and recovering with Save A Dog Network Canada in Winnipeg before it was time to head West.

After arriving it was clear that Polo, despite the trauma he endured, was a resilient guy destined for great things. Polo stole the hearts of everyone he met with his soulful eyes and gentle spirit. He is just one of those dogs that you can’t help but smile at when they look at you. Polo was searching for an active, experienced home that would understand his possible limitations due to his past. He found that in Nikki. Nikki met Polo inadvertently when she was assigned to care for him during his neuter procedure at Alouette Animal Hospital. She thought he was the sweetest dog and couldn’t stop thinking about him over the coming weeks.. she, along with partner Dave, decided to come see him again at our July 29th event and that sealed the deal. They put in an application and crossed their fingers. The rest is history.

Polo will be spending his life on acreage where he can continue to do his sprints and zoomies and bask in the sun (with sunscreen). He is also allowed to accompany Nikki to work on the days that he chooses. Polo’s weekends will be spent hiking, swimming in lakes, and travelling to the variety of islands, mountains and secret spots beautiful BC has to offer.

We look forward to the many updates and pictures as Polo continues to enjoy his new life on the West Coast. Thank you Dave and Nikki for giving Polo his new leash on life ❤️

Polo had a village behind him, and we wish to thank everyone on his behalf for the part they played in his recovery and happy ending💙 The fosters that opened their homes to him, the companies that reached out offering supplies and support and the many donors that were touched by Polos story.
And of course the good people at Save A Dog Network Canada, Tuxedo Animal Hospital,Alouette Animal Hospital, Petsecure Pet Health Insurance, PetFundr, LEASH Loft & Spa, Daily Hive Vancouver.

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Felix – Adopted August 2017

Congratulation Felix!!

Handsome, rambunctious Felix has been adopted! Felix was looking for a family that was as active as he is, a family that would take him on long runs and hikes and keep his brain busy!.

After meeting Tara and Alex we knew their active lifestyle would be perfect for Felix. He’ll get in his daily jog with Tara, will be learning to join Alex on bike rides and will accompany them both on countless hikes on mountains and through local trails. At home he will spend his time hanging out with his feline furblings and soon be brushing up on his puppy skills with Bravo Dog.

We look forward to pictures and updates as Felix grows! Thank you Tara and Alex for giving Felix his new leash on life ❤️

Felix Adopt Felix 5

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Simon – Adopted August 2017

Congratulations Simon!!

This ridiculous little masked man stole an insane amount of hearts.. but Simon knew right away when he found his forever family❤️ This sweet guy is the centre of his new mom and dads life, so much so he even has his own Instagram account for all of his adventures. Since adoption Simon has gone on hiking adventures, made new friends and explored downtown Vancouver where he now resides. Off days are spent brushing up on his skills with DOGSmart Training & DAYcare – Vancouver. With busy streets, big mountains and the ocean all within the steps- it’s safe to say Simon is living the dream.

We can’t wait for updates and pictures as Simon continues to grow. The best part of this story.. his new name is – Rainier WolfCastle -. It seems so fitting for the dog with the eyebrows on point to have a larger than life name!. Thank you Lindsay and Todd for giving Simon (Now Rainier) his new leash on life!.

– Make sure to follow along on their adventures: @rainywolfy on Instagram –

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Phoenix – Adopted August 2017

Congratulations Phoenix!!

Phoenix (Nixy) and her brother River were such a popular duo and we’re so happy to announce the first of the two adoptions.

Phoenix now has everything she’s ever wanted: a yard to play in, a family that’s home to keep her company and lots of fur-cousins to roll around with! She has hit the jackpot with a husky-experienced home, one that is dedicated to continuous training (with the hopes that one day Phoenix could be a therapy dog!). Her potential is endless!

After her first few weeks, here is what her family had to say:
“Phoenix is settling in beautifully. She’s smart and sweet and loves her family and new home. Phoenix is a pouncer and will stalk and pounce on treats, toys, and bugs in the grass! Did I mention that she is sweet? Very sweet.”

We can’t wait to see and hear more updates. Thank you to foster Rhonda for taking in both pups and having to entertain those bundles of energy. And of course, Thank you Christine and Dave, for choosing to rescue and giving Phoenix her new leash on life

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River – Adopted August 2017

Congratulations River!!

River (now Jake) officially has his forever home in place and we can’t be happier.

Jake was definitely the more playful and rambunctious of the two siblings so we were looking for a home that would be able to keep up and tire him out! Along came Marilia, an experienced dog owner who had been waiting a few years before deciding it was the right time to bring a pup into the family. With a VERY dog-friendly office (including playtime sessions, limitless toys and other dogs to play with) – Jake is going to be so happy.

He’ll be a resident dog at the offices of RC Pets, a local dog harness and product company. He’ll get outfitted in tons of cool gear and will be surrounded by lots of other dog-savvy folks.

He also has a dog-savvy fur sister (Matilda the cat) and they are already enjoying their time at home today. Combined with living in Vancouver, exploring the East Vancouver hood’ – he’ll be a local in no time.

Thank you to Rhonda, who fostered both River (Jake) and Phoenix (Nixy), for her dedication to both pups. And thank you to Marilia and Bruno for giving River his new leash on life. We can’t wait for more updates and pictures!

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Wolfie – Adopted August 2017

Congratulations Wolfie!

Just like his name insinuates, Wolfie got his start in rescue when we was attacked by a wolf on a First Nations Community in Manitoba!

Wolfie was brought into care by the good folks of Save A Dog Network Canada and was later transferred to LEASH to find a home!. Initially we thought the wolfman was a malamute mix but growth and time proved him to be a busy collie! We knew he would need a family active enough to keep up with him, and so we found him exactly that!. Wolfie even has his own knapsack so he can carry his own gear during adventures. Laura and Stephanie love the outdoors and are avid hikers in the summer and snow shoeing, snow boarding adventurers in the winter!. On down days Wolfie is enrolled and ready to start work on his manners and socializing with Dizine Canine – Dog Training & Behaviour. We know he’s going to grow up to be an amazing boy!.

We can’t wait for updates and pictures of Wolfie as he starts to explore everything Vancouver has to offer!! Thank you Laura and Stephanie (and of course Auntie Ali) for giving Wolfie his new leash on life❤️

#LEASHsavinglives #VanCity #TheWolfMan #HappyTail

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Buster – Adopted July 2017

Congratulations Buster!!!

When you are involved in rescue you have the luck of getting to see the best side of people and the worst side of people. In Busters case we got to saw the best.

Buster spent over one year in care with LEASH. He was adopted 2 months into his stay with us and returned a week later. Since that day he remained with the same foster family, Al and Cathy. Al and Cathy remained diligent about his care and health and ensuring that he was treated like one of their very own. They made sure Buster got medication when needed, vet visits as required, photos to help with adoption, temporary care during vacations, and all the love in the world. Al and Cathy went above and beyond for Buster. He was even a bit of a celebrity at their store Pet Planet Pitt Meadows where he would sometimes hang out and meet and greet with customers. Fostering is not always convenient or glamorous, and these two stuck it out through thick and thin for the betterment of Buster. Al and Cathy- Thank You.

As luck would have it Busters new family lives 10 minutes away from Al and Cathy. Buster gets to remain in an area that he is familiar with and was walked daily in. Since being adopted Buster has settled in incredibly. His new family says it’s like he’s been there the entire time and loves to bed hop through out the house. This is another testament to just how resilient dogs are. Buster was initially a meat trade dog that had endured horrible things prior to being rescued by Soi Dog Foundation. We are so happy for Buster and everything his new journey holds for him. He is a special guy and so deserving of a special family.. which he has found.

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Ellie – Adopted July 2017

Congratulations Ellie ❤️

Who needs Snoopy when you’ve got this real life adorable face staring back at you every day!?!

With her cute nose, big floppy ears and a personality that will make your heart melt when you meet her, it was literally impossible for Kate and Glenn not to fall in love with Ellie. I mean really….who could resist such a face?
It was clear from the very first meet that she had easily won their hearts and now, this little queen, will get to reign from her perch on the back of the couch making sure all is good with the world outside.

When she’s not busy keeping watching over her domain, Ellie will be out and about exploring new hiking trails and scents. She has already mastered the Capilano Suspension Bridge and is looking forward to many more new adventures! On off days she will continue to work on her skills with Cedar Valley K9.

We look forward to updates and pictures as Ellie continues to settle into her life!. Thank you Kate and Glenn for giving Ellie her new leash on life❤️

Ellie Adopt Ellie Beagle

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