Ripley – Adopted June 2017

Congratulations Ripley!!

Let’s face it, we’ve all met a dog or two like Ripley. The kind of dog who adores everyone but is especially fond of men. There’s just an extra level of happiness when they’re hanging with their man. So the day when Ripley met Dustin and Zach he literally hit the jackpot!! Ripley stole their hearts and they stole his.

We could not be more happy for this big bouncy boy as he will be joining the guys on many an adventure exploring new parks, hiking trails and even accompanying one dad to work!

Just a few months ago Ripley’s future was unknown at the NWTSPCA. Now, following a couple of months in care of LEASH, he has a family to call his own. Dustin and Zach, thank you for giving Ripley (now Roo) his new leash on life.

Ripley adopt Ripley 4

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