Pumpkin – Adopted June 2017

Congratulations Pumpkin

It’s a funny little story about how some things are just meant to be.

Pumpkin came into care last November with her day old babies! It was arranged that she would be dropped at our vet, Alouette. When she arrived with the kids in tow, Twyla was there to meet them, get them checked in and looked over. Following Pumpkins exam it was noted she likely had an embedded collar and required immediate surgery. Following surgery Twyla offered to take the little family home for a couple of nights to ensure ‘P’ was healing properly and the pups latching as they should. 2 days later the family was off to their permanent foster! Twyla remained active in all of their lives, seeing them all at the vet during checkups.

Once the puppies were all adopted it was Pumpkins turn, she had multiple meets and even 2 adoptions that failed and had her come back into care. Eventually the permanent fosters schedule changed and Pumpkin needed a new place to lay her head. Enter Twyla… knowing everything Pumpkin had been through Twyla offered to take her back into her home while she continued the search for her own forever home. There was even an amazing app and 2 meets, we thought the deal was sealed, but in the end ‘P’ had a tad too much prey drive and was back on the market. That’s when we received an application.. from Twyla and Alex. While going through the process of trying to help Pumpkin find a home they realized she was already home.. in the very place,that she had first layed her head 6 months earlier❤️

We are so happy for Pumpkin. She will spend her days on acreage doing zoomies, chasing deer, sitting on her red chair and following her favourite human around. Some things are just meant to be and find you when you’re not looking.

Thank you Twyla and Alex for giving Pumpkin (now Winnie) her new leash on life💕

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