Dexter – Adopted January 2018

Congratulations Dexter❤️

This sweet guy found his forever. For real this time! Dexter had a rocky past and some bouncing around but in the end he was just waiting for the perfect fit. He found that with his new family!

Trish and Mike were so eager to meet Dexter and understand what he was all about, upon first meeting they were smitten and wanted to proceed. We wanted to ensure that this was indeed forever so have waited just over 4 months to make it official. Dexter has made huge strides with Mike and Trish, they have been so consistent and committed to his needs that his seperation anxiety has nearly diminished (they have a cool treat tossing cameras they can talk to the dogs through), his leash reactivity continues to improve and they’re diligently working with Coastal Canine Training Services to ensure they’re on the right track. Best of all, Dexter has an older sister and best friend in Cammy. It’s safe to say Dexter has officially found his forever home and we couldn’t be happier.

Want to follow along on Dexter’s new adventures? Follow him on Instagram: @cammy_and_dexter

We look forward to stalking your Instagram and of course updates from you both! Thank you Trish, Mike and Cammy for giving Dexter his new leash on life ❤️

Dexter Adopt Dexter 

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